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Enlightened ~ Cursed ~ Enchanted

Book Summary
I hadn’t thought much about life after death … or the idea the soul can still feel love and pain long after it loses its earthly embodiment. But, that shocking truth called out to me … first in my dreams, and then in broad daylight. Spirits walk among us every day … enlightened by my journey; I am now among the seekers. What would you do if you suffered a life altering head injury? What if your normal life evolved to … paranormal? Baylie Storm’s head injury did just that. She becomes tormented by unwelcome dreams, laced with messages from beyond the grave. Baylie is unaware that a dark spirit has been awakened, and her long-time friend, Tyler Caldwell is the target. Determining the identity of the message sender becomes paramount to solving a murder, long hidden behind closed doors. As Baylie and Tyler work together to unravel the mystery, their romance intensifies … so do the threats on his life.

Editorial Review: ForeWord Clarion Review
"Teen girls tired of the passive Bella from the Twilight series will be thrilled that Baylie is an active sleuth who ends up saving Tyler. The mystery and romance unfold at equal speed, with neither one overshadowing the other...anyone seeking a blend of love and a ghost story will be enlightened by this sprightly debut."--ForeWord Clarion Review

Amazon Reader Review:
A lot of people love romance stories and probably just as many love mysteries. If, like me, you are thoroughly entertained and fascinated by both, you will be as delighted as I was to find and eagerly consume this satisfying banquet which combines both genres and includes yet a third stream of interwoven plot with a paranormal edge.

The twists and turns of this believable and carefully constructed world introduce us to a cast of characters, including the principal two, the suddenly-taken-out-of-commission Baylie Storm, who must cope with a perilous situation with diminished strength, and her good friend Tyler, who faces increasing grave danger, and whom Baylie is coming to realize she may want for much more than a friend.

The attraction, it becomes increasingly clear, is becoming mutual, and they are drawn even closer together by a challenge from a paranormal force to work together to unravel the mystery behind a vicious criminal killing long concealed behind closed doors and the passage of time.

This type of story is refreshingly original and leaves you longing for more. I was enchanted.
G. Smith

Cursed: Part two of the Enlightened Saga
Book Summary
In my quest to understand the spirit world, I stumbled upon darker forces I would’ve rather not known about. There are doors that should not be opened …. Everything that was dear to me threatened to crumble apart.

For years the Caldwell family was rumored to be cursed. Baylie Storm unknowingly discovers that the legend … was no rumor at all.
When Baylie and her loved ones suffer multiple mishaps, it becomes apparent they are dealing with more than just bad luck. They are in fact … Cursed. Lives are at stake, can the curse be lifted in time?

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